The Story of Kad Kokoa

Kad Kokoa is the brainchild of two corporate lawyers from Bangkok who left the office for the vibrant colors of the Thai countryside. After regularly visiting farms and mountains to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature, they learned about authentic Thai cacao varieties and the local farmers who grew them. The couple naturally became inspired to embark on a sweet chocolate journey, getting their hands dirty and making chocolate from Thai grown cacao trees. On a quest to promote Thai cacao beans and foster a new culture of Thai chocolate, the founders strive to improve its sustainability.

Nuttaya junhasavasdikul

Founder of Kad Kokoa

We wish to bring the fineness of Thai Cacao on the international scene.


Thai Craft Chocolate

What makes our chocolate thai ?

We do dedicatedly thai chocolate, meaning that we want to highlight the natural taste notes developed during the lifetime of a cacao bean. The type of tree, characteristics of the soil, weather and climate, fermentation, roasting profile and processing are only a few of the elements that make beans taste different from one another. By doing 'Single Origin Chocolate', we highlight the taste developed by the environment in one specific region of Thailand for each bar, with as few intervention as possible: we don't use any sort of additives, not even cacao butter. For our 'Inclusion bars', we try to honour the natural notes of our chocolate with other ingredients locally sourced: fruits, seeds, spices...

Carefully selected Thai Cacao

We currently work with 4 farms in the regions of Chiang Mai, Chantaburi, Chumphon and Prachuap Khiri Khan. We want our relationship with the farmers there to be strong and therefore we are very involved in their work, visiting them as often as possible to share knowledge on fermentation and drying process, production forecasts and other subjects so that we can grow together towards a stronger local market and a trusted collaboration.


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