Chef Mike's Twisted Chocolate Babka Bread

Chef Mike's Twisted Chocolate Babka Bread is a generous piece of classic brioche and chocolate perfect for rainy afternoons, to dip in a cup of hot chocolate. It's also ideal at breakfast and as a snack, with coffee or tea.

This traditional Eastern European bread recipe started to become popular in the mid XXth century, but really became a trend in the 2010s in the US, which is probably the time when it started to be baked with chocolate.

The Babka is a really comforting brioche, fluffy and soft. It's the first 'bakery' item that we created here at Kad Kokoa, and therefore offer it only on order to serve it freshly baked.

We bake them as individual portions (140.-) or as a full loaf like in the picture (420.-).

Full loaves are baked only on order, 1 day in advance (order before 5pm to get it the next day)


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