Kad Kokoa: Savor the Essence of Koh Samui and Sawi in Every Bite


Nestled in the verdant tropics of Thailand, Kad Kokoa is a name synonymous with artisanal chocolate that speaks volumes of the land's natural bounty. Renowned for crafting exquisite chocolates that embody the flavors of Thailand, Kad Kokoa’s special Coconut Chocolate is an ode to the island's heritage, made with the finest coconuts from the serene shores of Koh Samui, in the province of Surat Thani.



The Coconut Connection: Koh Samui's Gift to the World

Koh Samui, a gem in the crown of Surat Thani, is world-famous not only for its pristine beaches and lush landscapes but also for its coconuts. The island’s coconuts are hailed for their superior quality, with a naturally sweet and aromatic profile that is hard to find elsewhere. It's from these very coconuts that Kad Kokoa crafts its unique chocolate.

Flying High with Thai Flavors

In an exclusive offering, Kad Kokoa presents its coconut chocolate enrobed treats, a first-class experience now available in the skies. These decadent chocolates are proudly served to the discerning palates aboard Thai Airways First Class, offering a taste of Thai luxury to those who traverse the clouds.

A Dairy-Free Delight: The Coconut Milk Chocolate

Kad Kokoa extends its ingenuity to the realm of dairy-free products with its innovative Milk Chocolate, crafted for those who long for the richness of milk chocolate without the dairy. Here, the magic lies in the blend of coconut sugar and coconut milk, sourced from the same Surat Thani coconuts that are a hallmark of quality. This allows the chocolate to retain the creamy, indulgent texture that milk chocolate lovers crave, while being completely dairy-free.

The Heart of Sustainability: Kad Kokoa's Ethos

Koh Samui is but a stone's throw from Chumphon, where Kad Kokoa’s collective of farmers diligently tend to their crops. These farmers grow and directly sell their produce to Kad Kokoa, fostering a sustainable, community-driven supply chain. By engaging with local farmers, Kad Kokoa not only supports the local economy but also ensures the freshest, most ethically sourced ingredients for our chocolates. Through our collaboration with the Chumphon Horticulture Research Center, a branch of the Department of Agriculture, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of Chumphon's cacao beans. This initiative not only benefits local farmers by supporting their cultivation efforts but also ensures that we source the finest quality beans for our chocolate production.

Indulge with Impact: A Step Towards a Greener Future

Every purchase of Kad Kokoa’s chocolates is a step towards a greener future. The commitment to using local ingredients not only enhances the quality of their chocolate but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods over long distances. Choosing Kad Kokoa is a conscious decision to indulge in a product that supports the environment, aligned with the global pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions.


Conclusion: A Taste of Thailand’s Treasures

Kad Kokoa stands as a testament to Thailand's rich agricultural heritage, marrying traditional flavors with modern chocolate-making techniques. As you savor a piece of Kad Kokoa’s coconut chocolate, you’re not just enjoying a treat; you're partaking in a piece of Thailand's soul, and supporting a vision that goes beyond mere taste to encompass community, sustainability, and the environment.

Eating Thai products like Kad Kokoa's chocolates is more than a gastronomic preference; it's a choice that echoes through the community and the world at large. So, when you choose Kad Kokoa, you're indulging in a seamless blend of luxury, tradition, and responsibility—one exquisite bite at a time.

Our journey at Kad Kokoa is enriched not only by the natural treasures of Thailand but also by the invaluable collaborations that help us grow and innovate. We are immensely thankful to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for championing our vision and to Chumphon Horticulture Research Center, under the Department of Agriculture, for their collaborative efforts in research and development. Together, we have made significant strides in improving the cultivation of cacao from Chumphon, ensuring that each bar of our premium chocolate not only tastes divine but is also a testament to the quality and ingenuity of Thai agriculture. 

As we enhance our products and flavors, we celebrate the #AmazingThailand spirit that is at the core of our brand.

Written By: Paniti Junhasavasdikul, Co-Founder and CEO of Kad Kokoa Ltd.

Thank you all to partake in the richness of Thai cacao, nurtured by tradition, innovation, and community efforts.

7 December 2023

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