Discovering Pitsanulok’s Finest: Kad Kokoa’s Banana Chocolate Takes Flight

Discovering Pitsanulok’s Finest: Kad Kokoa’s Banana Chocolate Takes Flight

Aboard the prestigious cabin of Thai Airways Business Class, the journey transcends geographical boundaries, inviting passengers on an indulgent voyage that begins with the senses. Here, the rich tapestry of Thailand’s agricultural heritage is presented not through imagery or narrative, but through a delicate piece of chocolate – a morsel that embodies the essence of Pitsanulok’s sun-kissed soils. This is the experience promised by the Kad Kokoa Pitsanulok Banana Chocolate, a signature confectionery that has become a highlight of the Thai Airways gastronomic experience.

As the plane soars, so does the reputation of Pitsanulok, a province that has long remained a humble custodian of Thai culture and fertility. Nestled in the lower stretch of Northern Thailand, Pitsanulok’s significance stretches beyond its borders, echoed in the confluence of the Nan and Kwai Noi rivers. These waters nourish and define the landscape, contributing to the cultivation of the Mali-Ong banana, an agricultural gem unique to this locality.

The Mali-Ong, with its distinctive sweet profile, becomes the protagonist in Kad Kokoa’s chocolate saga. Revered for their naturally intensified sugar content and creamy texture, these bananas are carefully sun-dried, transforming into ‘kluay-tak’ — a concentrated burst of flavor and the ideal counterpart to the robust cacao.


Kad Kokoa’s chocolate artisans are the narrators of this tale, skillfully combining the nuanced tones of Thai cacao with the sun-drenched sweetness of Pitsanulok bananas. Their expertise in creating this chocolate harmonizes traditional methods with a contemporary twist, much like the province of Pitsanulok itself — where the ancient splendor of temples coexists with the vivacity of the lush landscapes.

The partnership between Kad Kokoa and Thai Airways is a testament to Thailand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and community support. Through this alliance, passengers are not just savoring a confection; they are partaking in a larger story of social responsibility and environmental care. The cacao and banana used in crafting these chocolates are sourced from local farmers, ensuring that each bite supports the people and the land that make this flavor possible.

This chocolate serves as an ambassador of Pitsanulok, a call to the world to explore the richness of the province known as the ‘City of Two Rivers.’ It’s an invitation extended in the most delicious form — through the universal language of chocolate. And as travelers indulge in this sweet offering above the clouds, they are momentarily transported to the tranquil orchards and cacao groves of Pitsanulok, a place where the heart of Thailand’s agricultural tradition beats strong and true.

For those inspired to venture into the heart of Thailand, a visit to the province is incomplete without paying homage to the majestic Buddha at Wat Yai. This revered statue stands not just as a religious icon but as a testament to the spiritual core of the ‘City of Two Rivers.’

Wat Yai, the grand temple that houses the towering Buddha image, is a symbol of peace and contemplation amidst the region’s natural vitality. The serene gaze of the Buddha offers blessings and welcomes all who come to seek tranquility and wisdom. The landmark is a cultural cornerstone, inviting visitors to connect with the profound sense of history and spirituality that flows as freely as the rivers that cradle the city.

In the silent awe of the temple, beneath the benevolent smile of the Buddha, one can truly appreciate the seamless blend of the divine and the earthly that Pitsanulok embodies. It is in this hallowed space that the journey through taste and time converges, leaving a whisper of enlightenment on the palate — a reminder that the journey through Thailand’s wonders, both culinary and cultural, is as infinite as the skies through which Thai Airways sails.

Written: Paniti Junhasavasdikul

20 November 2023

In Partnership with Amazing Thailand (Tourism Authority of Thailand)

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