A Taste of Heritage: Kad Kokoa's Toasted Rice Chocolate - A Tribute to Khon Kaen's Culinary Art


In the vibrant expanse of Thailand's northeast, the Isan region, Khon Kaen stands as a beacon of culinary diversity and innovation. This is vividly seen in Kad Kokoa's Toasted Rice Chocolate, a product that not only celebrates the unique fusion of traditional Thai chocolate-making but also pays homage to Khon Kaen's rich agricultural and culinary heritage. It’s a story that goes beyond the usual culinary staples of Som Tum, sticky rice, and grilled chicken, delving into the deeper essence of Isan’s food culture.

Pratat Kaen Nakhon: A Symbol of Agrarian Heritage

Pratat Kaen Nakhon in Khon Kaen goes beyond its religious significance; it mirrors the region's profound agricultural heritage, especially its rich history of rice cultivation. The chedi's imposing structure serves as a constant reminder of the land's fertility and the prosperity it brings, akin to how the extensive rice fields of Khon Kaen symbolize the region's agricultural affluence. Rice, the cornerstone of Isan's economy and culture, finds its spiritual counterpart in Pratat Kaen Nakhon, a monument that embodies the area’s longstanding relationship with this essential crop.


Blending Traditions: From Isan Kitchens to Chocolate Bars

In this environment, Kad Kokoa finds its inspiration for its Toasted Rice Chocolate. The process of making the chocolate mirrors the intricate balance of flavors found in Isan cuisine. Just like how the perfect Som Tum balances sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and spiciness, the making of this chocolate involves a delicate interplay of toasty, crunchy rice and the rich, nuanced flavors of Thai cacao.

The Art of Roasting: A Link to Isan's Culinary Staples

The art of roasting, so crucial to the flavor profiles in Isan cuisine – be it in roasting sticky rice for Kao Kua or grilling chicken to perfection – is mirrored in the way Kad Kokoa toasts rice for their chocolate. This method, deeply rooted in Isan's culinary practices, imparts a unique crunch and depth to the chocolate, much like how roasting enhances the flavors in many Isan dishes.

A Symphony of Sensory Delights

When you taste Kad Kokoa's Toasted Rice Chocolate, you're not just enjoying a piece of chocolate; you're experiencing the essence of Khon Kaen and the Isan region. The chocolate, made from locally sourced Thai cacao, carries within it the complex flavors of the land, while the toasted rice adds a familiar crunch, resonating with the beloved textures of Isan's culinary favorites.

A Nod to Sustainability and Cultural Harmony

This chocolate is not just a sweet treat; it's a celebration of Isan’s agricultural legacy and Khon Kaen's culinary ingenuity. By incorporating local ingredients and traditional methods, Kad Kokoa not only supports the regional economy but also keeps the story of Isan's cuisine alive in each bar.


Kad Kokoa's Toasted Rice Chocolate is a journey through Isan's culinary landscape, offering a taste that goes beyond the familiar dishes of Som Tum and grilled chicken. It's an exploration of Khon Kaen's rich gastronomic heritage, a bite-sized tribute to a region where every flavor tells a story, and every ingredient carries the essence of Isan. For an elevated experience, you can savor this exquisite chocolate on every First and Business Class flight of Thai Airways, at the Michelin Starred Restaurant Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, and directly at Kad Kokoa itself, where the journey of taste transcends expectations.

Written by Paniti Junhasavasdikul,

6 December 2023 for Amazing Thailand, the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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